STIGA XTR Review 2021 – Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Whenever we make a list of the best table tennis tables, STIGA XTR will always manage to bag a place at the top. It is known to be one of the best outdoor table tennis tables for its extravagant features and affordable price. This top-notch table tennis table is specially designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions like heat, moisture, sunlight, and temperature fluctuation.

With its high potentiality to bear with all elements and its excellent workability in every kind of weather condition, the STIGA XTR is the prime purchase for recreational players or families who are willing to bring home some fun that would be beneficial for their health as well. In this detailed review of STIGA XTR, we will be shedding light on the specific features that it offers, along with advantages and drawbacks.

Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table – XTR and XTR Pro Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Tables with All-Weather Performance and QuickPlay Design Review


STIGA Sports is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of outdoor and indoor sports equipment, including table tennis, snow riders, and table hockey. The company is based in Sweden and has been manufacturing table tennis equipment since 1938, hockey equipment’s since 1944, and table hockey goods since 1957. STIGA Sports produces a wide range of table tennis goods approved by ITTF and is used by all levels of players in various national and international tournaments across the globe.


  • QuickPlay Design: 10-minutes QuickPlay chassis design
  • Foldable Body: Convenient foldable body for playback position and ultra-compact storage
  • Aluminum Paying Surface: 6mm thick solid aluminum composite tabletop
  • Durable Undercarriage: 1.5-inch steel tubular powder-coated apron
  • Square Steel legs: 1.25-inch self-opening square steel legs
  • Leg-Levelers: Adjustable leg-levelers and welded cross braces
  • Ball-bearing wheels: 3-inch lockable ball-bearing wheels
  • Net and Post set: 72-inch all-weather net and post set with clamps.
  • Playing Position Dimensions (WxDxH): 60” x 108” x 30”
  • Playback Position Dimensions (WxDxH): 60” x 66” x 64”
  • Storage Position Dimension (WxDxH): 60” x 23” x 64”
  • Weight: 166 pounds
  • Assembly Time: 10-15 minutes (comes 95% preassembled)

Warranty: Comes with a 1-year warranty to cover every manufacturing error


Table Top Surface:

The STIGA XTR features a 6mm thick tabletop. The thickness of the surface might not be sufficient to cater to professional table tennis players’ needs. Still, it can offer good bounce for recreational players who usually play table tennis for the sake of fun and entertainment.

Moreover, the weather-proof table is constructed with fine quality Aluminum, which helps the table withstand all the harsh weather conditions that it would be exposed to in the outdoors. The tabletop surface of STIGA XTR is resistant to rust and water damage, making it one of the best outdoor table tennis tables. You can easily place it in your backyard or terrace without having to worry about it getting warped or fade after being left out in the sun.

The Frame:

The Aluminum composite tabletop is supported by a 1.5-inch steel tubular powder-coated apron. The steel apron helps the tabletop in standing firm and providing a consistent bounce to the ball. The apron is further connected to 1.25 inch welded steel legs, which keep the table sturdy and wobble-free. The durable steel legs are powder-coated to prevent rusting. They include a self-opening feature that enables them to open automatically without any hassle when you unfold the table.

Furthermore, the frame also features welded cross braces on each side of the table for added stability on every kind of uneven surface. The adjustable leg-levelers on the end of the legs also provide extra firmness and help the table to adapt to bumpy surfaces in the outdoors.

In addition to that, the outdoor ping pong table comes with four 3-inch ball-bearing wheels with locks. The caster wheels allow the users to move around the table from one place to another with ease and safety. Significantly, the wheels’ locking features, along with the safety latch system, provide the utmost harmfulness and protection from accidents. The locks in the wheels keep the table from moving involuntarily during the games or in storage, while the safety latch system keeps the table locked in an upright position and prevents it from opening accidentally.

Net and Post Set:

This high-quality table tennis table comes with an all-weather net and post set. The 72-inch net and post set are made of premium outdoor grade material, making it last for a very long time. The net system also has a string tension adjustment for optimum control and user-friendliness. The threaded clamp attachment system of the net for easy on and off also provides exceptional playability to the user. The net can also be used in the playback position very conveniently and breezily.


Breeze Assembly:

STIGA XTR features a QuickPlay chassis design and comes almost 90% preassembled. The rest of the assembly is also a breeze and takes a minimal amount of time.

Foldable Design:

This top-notch outdoor table tennis table by STIGA has a foldable body. This feature enables the user to use the table in a playback position without needing to have an opponent. The ultra-compact foldable design also helps the user fold up the table in an upright position and store it in compact and small spaces. This exceptional outdoor table tennis table also features self-opening legs that deploy automatically and make opening and closing the table super easy and convenient for the user.

Convenient Transportation:

This portable table tennis table comes with a 3-inch ball bearing wheels that enable the player to transport the table from one place to another with absolute ease and comfort. The ball bearing wheels also have features safety locks that prevent the table from moving involuntarily during the game session when stored after you are done playing.

Optimum Safety:

STIGA always goes the extra mile when it comes to the safety of their sports equipment. Hence, STIGA XTR also possesses some of the prime safety features that every table tennis player looks for while purchasing a table tennis table. This user-friendly table has leg-levelers at the end of each leg, preventing the table from wobbling and helping the table stand firm and stable on uneven surfaces.

Moreover, this table tennis by STIGA has a safety latch system, which adds to the users’ overall safety. The safety latch system gives every kind of danger a complete miss by holding the table in one place and prevents it from opening involuntarily during storage in an upright position. The ball bearing wheels also come with locks that keep the table locked and restrain it from moving uncontrollably when in storage or in the middle of the game sessions.

Weather Resistance:

STIGA XTR is one of the best outdoor table tennis tables as it has been designed and manufactured to withstand drastic changes in temperature and moisture with utmost perfection. This weather-proof table tennis table has an Aluminum composite top, which offers exceptional playability along with all-weather performance. It is resistant to harsh weather elements like sunlight, dust, moisture. It would not rust or fade off for a reasonable amount of time.

Furthermore, the undercarriage of STIG XTR is constructed with water-resistant and water-proof materials to prevent the table from warping out when exposed to the outdoors. The square steel legs of the outdoor ping pong table. The square steel legs are made from premium outdoor grade material. They are also powder-coated to prevent rusting, ensuring the table’s steadiness and strength against the outdoor conditions.

Strong and Durable:

STIGA XTR is super durable and robust, making it a perfect table tennis table for the garage and the patio. It has a well-built undercarriage, which is supported by solid welded steel legs. To add to the table’s overall strength, the steel apron is powder-coated and galvanized, making STIGA XTR immune to every kind of damage for a good number of years.


Lacks sufficient bounce:

Though the tabletop of STIGA XTR is excellent in terms of being weather-proof and durable, the bounce it offers is not sufficient as per the requirement of professional table tennis players. The materials that enable the table to withstand harsh climate conditions give the ball low and inconsistent bounce. Moreover, the tabletop also gives off an odd ‘pinging’ sound while playing on it, which can be quite challenging to get used to during the game sessions.

Heavier than other similar products:

Another downside of STIGA XTR is being a little too weighty. This ping pong table is great in many terms. Still, it is heavier than other outdoor table tennis tables available on the market. The heavyweight can also make the table hard to be managed during the assembly.

No protective layer on the surface:

The table’s surface does not come with any kind of protective layer, which may cause the table to get wrecked if exposed to severe climate conditions for a long time. Additionally, the white lines drawn against the blue surface can easily be worn away due to the absence of a protective layer.


Q: Does STIGA XTR come completely preassembled?

A: No, but it does come with most of its parts already assembled. STIGA XTR is shipped, with 95% of the assembly already done. The rest of the assembly hardly takes ten minutes, which mainly includes just screwing the wheels on and bolting the legs.

Q: Does STIGA XTR come with a cover?

A: No, the cover of STIGA XTR is sold separately from the table. This outdoor ping pong table is weather-proof, but getting a good quality cover is still recommended to keep your table in the best condition possible.

Q: Do STIGA Sports offer any warranty for this table tennis table?

A: Yes, STIGA Sports do offer a 1-year warranty to make-up for any kind of disfigurement or deterioration in the quality of their table.


STIGA XYR is a well-designed and budget-friendly table tennis table. It might not be an ideal outdoor table tennis table for professional table tennis players. Still, it caters to all the needs of recreational and casual players really well. The quality of all the pieces of equipment manufactured by STIGA Sports speaks for itself, and the money invested in them will never go to waste.  In short, STGA XTR is a great pick for recreational players or families who are willing to engage in some health-giving and fun activities while staying home.

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