STIGA Pro Carbon Review – Performance -Level Table Tennis Racket

Are you an enthusiastic tennis player and looking for the right tennis racket? We know how difficult it is to find a tennis racket that fits your playing style and provides a proper grip. However, we have the perfect suggestion for you. We are here with STIGA pro carbon review and tell you all the exciting features of it.

This racket is perfect for those who play tennis at an intermediate level but are looking to enhance their tennis game skills. Often, regular tennis rackets do not let you perform at your best due to a lack of ability.

Do you hate the cramps you get in your hand by the end of a tennis match? If so, do take a look at your tennis racket and evaluate its performance. The ergonomic design of this tennis racket targets providing a comfortable experience.

STIGA pro carbon ping pong paddle has a sleek and adorable design that intrigues the players into practicing more. The lightweight design of this table tennis racket promotes playing flow and stimulates better performance.

So, are you excited to know more about the STIGA pro carbon racket? So, without waiting any further, let’s begin with the STIGA pro carbon review.

Stiga Pro Carbon Review

STIGA Pro Carbon Tennis Manufacturer Details

The manufacturers of STIGA racket have been establishing rackets since 1944, and they have high experience in their field. STIGA manufacturers always look for new and rational technology to integrate into their latest inventions. These rackets are performance-level table tennis rackets, and they are mainly manufactured for professional purposes. Stiga Evolution is another Premium Table Tennis paddle that we have reviewed which is also manufactured by Stiga.

STIGA pro carbon table tennis racket review is incomplete without all the details regarding its manufacture.

Let’s start by talking about its performance level, as mentioned; which is the professional purpose.

  • It has almost 100 spins per hit, 99 speed, and a control rating of an 80. All these features contribute to its efficiency and add a certain amount of oomph to the gameplay.
  • It has a hollow pro handle and a rubber coating to make it comfortable enough for long matches.
  • It is ultra-light-weight table tennis, which does not cause any discomfort to the hand.
  • The rubber used in this table tennis is supreme quality as ITTF approves it.

The two-millimeter sponge of this pro-carbon table tennis establishes a cushion for the ball to hit. This mechanism amplifies the speed of the hit.

Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Construction of Pro Carbon table tennis

This review is incomplete if we don’t talk about its construction—Balsa wood to establish this table tennis racket.

  • The table tennis racket consists of a total of 5 plies of wood and two carbon pieces.
  • Manufacturers glue these seven pieces together to establish a fair and robust exterior.
  • ACS technology is a part of the construction of this tennis racket. The S5 rubber is curated to design the table tennis racket as it has premium quality and ITTF approved.
  • The blades are baked into carbon, and woods are laterally attached to establish the perfect inclination.

The tennis racket part exists to cater to speed and power phenomena during the match.

The STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle Technology

You may think this table tennis is an ordinary table tennis racket. However, manufacturers make it by integrating various technologies and phenomena. The STIGA Pro Carbon review aims at providing you all the necessary knowledge. Through carbon plies baked between blades, players experience the high performance of this ping-pong.

The combination of blade and carbon targets high–performance, which is immensely valuable in inducing strength and power. The improved response and rigidity enhance the chance of survival within a game.

Manufacturers have incorporated nanocomposite technology, which bonds the rubber together tightly. The tighter bond aims to simulate speed and spin the ball even more.

The ultra-light rubber used in the manufacturing of the STIGA pro carbon ping pong paddle has a large number of microscopic air capsules that provide outstanding control to the user.

If you are a national-level player or looking to enhance your capabilities, do try this out. We List Stiga Pro on NO 1 spot in Best Ping Pong Paddles Review article.

The STIGA Pro carbon review for a mechanism

This table tennis racket review emphasizes all the possible tactics involved in this particular product. An ample amount of technology backs this racket for high-performance and professional use.

There are a couple of mechanisms involved that frames the eligibility of this tennis racket.

WRB balance technology has blades that are usable in manufacturing the racket. When a ball hits the racket base, the response is enhanced as the blade shifts when the ball hits.

The rate of recovery matters the most in catalyzing a win. There is a noticeable decrease in blade weight, which enhances the recovery rate.

The phenomena of ball sensitivity help to induce a better player response. The recess within the handle is strategically positioned to enhance the ball sensitivity.

The balsa technology is incorporated; it has this name because of the technology due to balsa wood. The balsa wood is very lightweight, used to increase the speed and reaction time.

Lastly, the crystal technology is incorporated and reduces the weight of the blade to enhance reaction time. All these mechanisms contribute to the efficiency of the STIGA pro ping pong paddle.


This product has some pros and cons, which are discussed below. This racket is worth trying; here is why:

  • Sturdy handle

When buying a racket, especially for professional or training purposes, people always look for specific features. The grip is the primary factor that makes a racket functional and efficient.

The grip of this ping pong paddle is sturdy. It induces a level of comfort when playing because the player has full control over their performance.

  • Light-weight

Many features make a racket worth investment. Table tennis is an intense profession, and sometimes a game can go on for hours.

In these cases, a player requires a racket that is lightweight and performs well.

The material used to manufacture the pro-carbon racket is consciously selected. The manufacturers have emphasized maintaining a substantial weight, which is suitable for long patches.

The blade and balsa wood weigh significantly low as compared to other raw materials.

The ergonomic design and polished exterior contribute to efficient performance.

  • Added control

The control rating for STIGA pro carbon is 80. During the manufacturing process, each aspect of the racket is under focus.

A player always looks for flow maintenance within a game. The control provided by the ping pong paddle enhances the performance within the game.

The handle of the paddle allows you to control the number of spins on the ball. The game of table tennis requires you to be smart and make calculative moves.

You can fulfill your strategies only if you have the right racket. The STIGA pro carbon helps you achieve your goals by keeping you in charge.


We have delivered to you all the sufficient information regarding this product.

However, this review will be incomplete without mentioning the drawbacks.

  • Control paddle

The control that this paddle provides is exemplary. However, the light hit can diverge the ball. As a new player, you require more control over the ball.

If you are a new player who has not practiced the game enough will find this racket quite overpowering.

You will have to practice extensively to improve your craft and fight the right balance when using this racket.

  • Wear and tear

Although this racket consists of absolute precision and good quality, its rough use can wear and tear quickly.

Once the racket starts to get old, the material at the handle begins to tear apart.

The tearing of the fabric causes the player to be uncomfortable during the match.

  • Plastic protective player

The racket is sealed with plastic packaging to add a layer of protection. The plastic coating does its job of security, but it fails to add efficiency.

The plastic layer can interfere with the performance of the player without them noticing.

Hence, it is essential to remove the plastic layer before the match


We have mentioned all the comprehensive details in our STIGA pro carbon review. We believe in the quality of this racket and the efficiency it adds to boost performance.

However, there are certain factors that you should pay attention to when playing with this racket. It would help if you took off the plastic packaging first before playing with it. 

Overall, this racket is exemplary and enhances a user’s playing ability. One will enjoy the game with this racket.

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