Stiga Evolution Review – Premium Table Tennis Paddle Racket

This table tennis racket intends to provide the defensive players of intermediate level a more professional style of play, enabling them to take their game one step further. Keeping in mind the defensive players, the Stiga Evolution is laboriously designed to allow the player to have prime conditions like good spin, speed, and control.

Its lightweight, durability, and easy to handle body make Stiga Evolution a top pick for every recreational player out there. The product currently has garnered over 1000 five stars on Amazon with a PPB rating of 4.3/5.

In this detailed review, we will talk about the features and construction along with its advantages and drawbacks that every player would want to know before laying its hands on this table tennis racket.Stiga Evolution Review


The Stiga Evolution is manufactured by one of the leading table tennis companies Stiga Sports, which holds a reputable position in the market across the world. The Sweden based company offers an extravagant range of ITTF approved off-the-rack rackets that are used in various national and international championships all around the world.


  • Product Weight: 6.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches
  • Functioning Ratings: Speed – 96, Spin – 94, Control – 90
  • Rubber: Prime quality rubber
  • Sponge: 2mm thick sponge on each side
  • Blade: 6-Ply light all-wood blade
  • Handle:  Concave Pro handle designed with Shock Absorbent Technology


Premium Rubber:

Stiga Evolution table tennis racket is known to have “Premium” quality rubber which is designed to generate substantially more spin and speed, enabling the player to have good control over the ball and play with a more professional style. The wood in the paddle is padded with a layer of 2mm thick rubber on both sides. The rubber consists of advanced crystal technology and microscopic bubbles that help the rubber particles to stand firm and strong at their place. The rubber is approved by International Table Tennis Federation and feels softer than its counterpart the Stiga Pro Carbon.

As Stiga Evolution produces more spin and speed and has a sticker rubber than their previous premade table tennis rackets, the beginners need to make certain adjustments to their playing style to get used to it.

Concave Pro Handle:

The Stiga Evolution ping pong saddle provides the player with excellent slip-free control with its flared grip concave pro handle. The handle also features a Shock Dispersion Tube which is responsible for collecting the shockwaves from the paddle’s surface and transferring them across the whole racket after each stroke. This helps in minimizing the vibrations while hitting the ball, enabling the player better control over the ball and improving the power of the strokes.

 All-Wood Blade:

The blade of Stiga Evolution is built with six piles of wood, which makes the racket sturdy and lightweight.  The all-wood blade is beneficial as it offers the defensive player more time to recover in between the strokes and less fatigue even after long hours of the game.

Stiga Evolution Review

Advantages of Stiga Evolution:

  • Improves control: The hollow handle of the table tennis racket gives a breeze control on the ball, capacitating the player to put the ball exactly on the desired part of the table surface.
  • Provides decent spin: It offers a sufficient spin with its Shock Absorbent Technology, giving the worry of bad shots a complete miss. The premium quality rubber also enhances the bounce for breeze spin shots.
  • Lightweight and comfort friendly: The balsa wood-constructed body of Stiga Evolution is only 6 ounces which makes it easy for the player to stay close to the table during the game. It also reduces the exhaustion on the hand and wrist of the player, maximizing the control on the ball.
  • Eminent speed and accuracy: Being a light and handy racket, it provides the player with excellent speed and spin during the game. The player also gets the chance of making their shots more accurate, controlled, and powerful.

Drawbacks of Stiga Evolution:

  • Requires time to get used to: The lightness of the paddle and its hollow grip make this table tennis difficult to be used and controlled and feels awkward on the hand and wrist, mostly for the players of initial levels.
  • Doesn’t offer adequate speed: Stiga Evolution does offer a decent speed but not adequate speed for offensive players and fierce players who prefer to play away from the table and like to strike hard and powerfully.
  • Uneasy edges: The edges of the handles often start to feel uncomfortable over prolonged periods of holding the table tennis paddle. 


Does this racket come with a cover?

No, Stiga Evolution comes only with standard plastic packaging. The cover of the racket has to be bought separately.

Can the rubber of the racket be replaced?

No. As Stiga Evolution is a premade racket, it is manufactured with strong adhesives. Hence it is hard to rip off the sponge and replace it with a new one.

Where is this racket made?

Stiga Evolution is manufactured in China under strict quality standards and supervision of the company.

Final Verdict:

Players who are planning to lay their hands on Stiga Evolution are required to understand their style of playing before buying this ping pong racket, as the paddle seems to get tricky in use if the player keeps on shifting its style of game.
The material of the blade and overall balance might not be perfect for aggressive players but it is distinctly a great purchase for players who like to play closer to the table and yearn for a sufficient amount of control over the ball. Stiga Evolution can also help the players in upgrading their techniques of stroke.
As far as premade paddles are concerned, the Stiga Evolution is the far best a player of intermediate level can have. With its prime quality of overall build and innovative features, the Stiga Evolution table tennis racket can prove itself highly beneficial for the players in taking their game to the next level.

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