How to Clean Ping Pong Paddle Rubber 2021

A table tennis racket is a crucial tool for any professional ping pong player. The quality of the paddle always has a great deal of impact on the performance of the player.

For that reason, it is essential to find yourself the ping pong racket of prime quality that would give off the right responsiveness with adequate spring and bounce.

If you want the quality of your ideal paddle to persist for years, then it is necessary to keep it well maintained.

Here we have brought a complete guideline on how to clean ping pong paddle rubber. These useful methods of cleansing table tennis racket will surely help you in mounting up the durability of your high-quality ping pong racket.

How to Clean Ping Pong Paddle Rubber

Why it is Essential to Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle: 

The proficiency of a ping pong paddle depends on the amount of care it is kept with. A ping pong paddle will not help you perform well if the paddle’s rubbers are not clean enough. A frizzled out dirt paddle can be the cause of weak stokes owing to the irregularities in the surface’s grip, and that can hinder your performance during a critical game.

To ensure the sustainability, responsiveness, and tackiness of the paddle, it is essential to get rid of the dust, dirt, and debris which a paddle usually accumulates when it touches the playing surface or is held by a player. In this way, the regular upkeep maintains the high-quality of your paddle and releases you from the constant hassle of replacing it with new ones.  

The following are some of the most effective and convenient ways that we have tacked together to make your ping pong racket clean as a new penny.


Effective Ways of Cleaning Table Tennis Paddle Rubber  

  1. Dry Cloth: 

The dry cloth method is apparently the least expensive and safest way to clean your ping pong paddle. For this method, all you need is a dry and clean cloth. This method works pretty well without even having to use water or abrasive cleaners available in the market.

Take the cloth as per your choice and rub it gently in a back and forth motion till the point you feel that your paddle is entirely free of dust. Clothes with microfibers also work in removing the sweat and oil that usually gather up around the handle.

  1. Sponge and Water: 

This is another inexpensive and effective way of cleaning the rubber of a ping pong paddle. Things that are required for this method are a bowl of warm water and a standard kitchen sponge. Dampen a sponge in water and rub the surface of your paddle with a gentle hand.

Ensure that the sponge doesn’t absorb an excessive amount of water that the paddle becomes dripping wet. Wipe both sides of the surface in a vertical or circular motion; avoid scrubbing the paddle too vigorously. Let the sponge soak up the dirt and dust and continue this process until the tackiness of the paddle’s rubber is revived.

Repeat the same wiping method on the handle of the paddle till the handle feels smooth and oil-free. When done, allow the paddle to dry off before picking it up again for your game.

  1. Alcohol: 

Alcohol is a lesser-known but highly efficient way of cleaning ping pong paddle rubber. For this procedure, you will need alcohol, soft cloth, and a nylon brush. Firstly, remove the visible debris from the paddle’s surface with the help of the nylon brush.

Next, pour in a minimum amount of alcohol on the soft cloth and smoothly wipe all the grime off the paddle. Avoid unnecessary rubbing friction as it can also induce particular textures of the paddles to deteriorate. Let the paddle dry properly in natural air once it is thoroughly cleaned, or the quality of the paddle can get ruined.

  1. Rubber Cleaning Solutions: 

If a compact layer of grime has been collected on your paddle and water or alcohol isn’t really getting the job done right, then commercial rubber cleaning solutions will be an advantageous way to clean your ping pong paddle. A wide range of rubber cleaning solutions is available on the market that would be highly beneficial in removing the dirt from the paddle and make it shiny and tacky, just like a new one.

The procedure of the application of rubber cleaning solutions is almost the same as water. These cleaners usually come with a sponge. Take the sponge and sprinkle a little cleaning solution and gently clean your paddle until all the oil and dirt are soaked up in the sponge. You can similarly use a towel or a tissue paper if the cleaning solution isn’t inclusive of a sponge.

However, rubber cleaning solutions are precarious to handle and are suggested to be used in any other method that doesn’t work precisely. As per some reviews, these cleaning solutions speed up the deterioration process of the rubber. Hence, players are advised to go for a less spirituous solution and wipe each drop of the solution off the surface after cleaning the paddle. 

  1. Toothbrush:

A toothbrush may seem like an ordinary tool, but when it comes to cleaning your ping pong paddle, it can do wonders. It is a highly effective way to get into hard to reach areas. For instance, the debris in the tiny pimples and bumps is hard to remove, but the toothbrush’s soft bristles can easily dish it out completely.

For this method, all you are required to do is dampen the toothbrush in plain water or a rubber cleaning solution and gently scrub the paddle’s surface. Make sure to not rub too fiercely as it can louse up the rubber of your paddle. Following the cleaning, leave your paddle in the open air to be dried off completely.

  1. Detergent: 

It is an extremely economical source for cleaning your ping pong paddle. Detergent thoroughly cleansed out the dirt off your paddle and turns it into brand new. It can easily be used with a soft cloth, sponge, or a toothbrush.

While using this method, make sure to use only a small amount of detergent as it can be unpleasantly rough on the ping pong paddle. 

Things to Avoid While Cleaning Your Ping Pong Paddle:

While cleaning your ping pong paddle, make sure to abstain from things that can put the quality of your top-notch ping pong paddle at risk. Some of the things to be avoided are:

  • Excessive use of alcohol or detergent:

Alcohol and detergent, both consist of harsh ingredients that can desiccate the rubber on the paddle and make it to wear off.  Thus, it is essential to ensure that the use of alcohol or detergent while cleaning your paddle is as minimal as possible.

  • Clean the handles of your paddles as well: 

Ensure to clean the handles of your paddles properly while cleaning your ping pong paddles. Handles provide the grip to the player; hence it is important to clean the dirt off the handles as well.  Body oils, dust, and other contaminations get accumulated in the handle, which can worsen the quality of the paddle’s material.

  • Let your paddle dry off completely: 

After cleaning your paddle, let it rest in open air till it feels scorched. Players are advised to clean their paddle in advance and not right before a game so that they won’t have to worry about not having a paddle to play with at the eleventh hour.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ping Pong Racker Rubber: 

Cleaning your paddle is an integral thing and should be done each time you use it. Professional players of ping pong should possess the habit of cleaning their racket after every game session. In this way, you can bring down the probability of dirt accumulating on the paddle, which may prove impossible to be cleaned later on.

However, the number of times you clean your paddle also depends on the cleaning method you opt for. If you are using rubber cleaning solutions, you should clean your paddle one or two times a week. If you are using water and sponge method, then it gets necessary to clean your paddle after every game.


If you want to elevate your level in the ping pong level, then it is pivotal to get hold of a right table tennis paddle. To maintain the prime quality of the paddle, it is important to know how to clean your ping paddle.

By following the methods mentioned earlier, you can expand your paddle’s lifespan and make its tackiness last for an ample amount of time. Just keep the tips in your mind and make cleaning your paddle a regular habit of yours.

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