Best Ping Pong Tables Review – Top Indoor & Outdoor Options 2021

Best Ping Pong Tables ReviewTable tennis is a challenging game and can only be played well in the best of the conditions. Hence, it is significant for the players to lay hands only on prime-quality ping pong tables that are used in the game of table tennis.

In light of this fact, having the best ping pong in possession is crucial for every professional tennis player. It saves you from the distress of wending your way to the local sports center now and then and can help you increase the duration of practice sessions.

Although picking up a budget-friendly and prime quality ping pong table is not a back-breaking task. Still, it can get reasonably bewildering, considering the number of options available online. Here we have laid out a detailed and comprehensive list of the best table tennis tables, which will assuredly be the right pick as per your budget and requirements. From consistent bounce to durable design, these standard ping pong tables tick all the boxes of the ping pong tables of prime quality.

Top 5 Indoor Ping Pong Tables:

1.   STIGA Advantage Competition – Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Competition - Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table Review
  • 10-minute Quick Play design
  • Quick and easy setup with 95% pre-assembled body
  • Rubber legs with durable caster wheels
  • 5/8- inch thick tabletop
  • Multiple roller coat finish and silk striping
  • Included net system and playback position
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

STIGA Advantage is one of the most affordable ping pong tables available in the market and is crowned with the best-rated ping pong table on Amazon. This competition-ready table is a perfect option for looking for a user-orientated and handy ping pong table.

This indoor table tennis table comes with durable and lockable caster wheels, making it easy to move around and place wherever you want to play. The table’s net also features clamps that prevent the net from moving from its place during the game. In addition to that, this ping pong table by Stiga also features a standard 5/8 inch thick MDF tabletop with multiple roller coat finish and silkscreen striping that give the player a professional and durable dark blue surface to play on.

Furthermore, the playing surface of STIGA Advantage is held up by a 1.5-inch welded steel apron, which provides adequate bounce across the playing area. A set of square-shaped steel legs with included leg-levelers are also connected to the apron, which helps the table stay wobble-free and sturdy.

What We Liked About STIGA Advantage Competition:
Despite being an entry-level table, STIGA Advantage Competition offers a handful of features and provides the player with fine playing experience. This ping pong table is an excellent option for people with a tight budget. It comes with two separate halves, which offers a playback position and enables the player to practice without an opponent’s need. The two halves can also cluster together, making the Stiga table tennis table compact and space-efficient.

Moreover, this indoor ping pong table has a safety latch system that keeps the table in an upright storage position and prevents the table from opening accidentally. With its excellent playability, quick-play design, and solid all-steel construction, STIGA Advantage Competition is a perfect option for people looking for the best budget-friendly table tennis table for their home or office.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About STIGA Advantage Competition:</strong>
While being produced by one of the leading ping pong table manufacturers, STIGA Advantage Competition still devoid of some features that make table tennis table fit for professional games. Firstly, this table tennis table is obtainable only in a blue finish. Secondly, with a weight of 195 lbs, this table tennis table is extra heavy compared to its competitors. Lastly, the table’s hinges tend to bend after prolonged use, which may deteriorate the ping pong table’s whole construction.

2.   JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

  • 15 mm thick tabletop
  • USATT approved quality
  • 72” net system with user-oriented clamp system
  • Two independent halves for personal playback action
  • Heavy-duty 3” lockable caster wheels
  • 5” steel powder coated legs and undercarriage
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

JOOLA Inside is an affordable table tennis table for immature players who have just started off their ping pong career. This ping pong table is best for casual games between family members or office colleagues with an easy assembly and user-friendly features. With it’s up to the mark features, portable body, and easy assembly, JOOLA Inside meets the standards of USATT beyond any question.

The JOOLA Inside comes with a 5/8ths inch wood composite surface held up by 1.5-inch powder-coated legs. These steel legs enable the table to have two independent halves for personal playback position and can be folded up to a compact size, quickly rolled out once you are done playing.

Additionally, this indoor ping pong table also features four pairs of heavy-duty lockable caster wheels for easy mobility. It also comes with an automatic anti-tilting locking feature that makes this table tennis table durable and safe to be used by players of all ages and levels.

<strong>What We Liked About JOOLA Inside</strong>
Considering the price, the JOOLA Inside provides plenty of advantages. Firstly, it is super easy to assembly as it comes pre-assembled and can be put into compact storage with its foldable body. The table’s foldable body also enables the player to improve its skills with the sole playback mode without needing an actual competitor.

Secondly, the tabletop of JOOLA Inside has a 15mm thick painted medium-density fiberboard, which offers good bounce for professional playing as well. Thirdly, the table’s safety features help the player easily lock and move it and keep the table from wobbling during game sessions.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About JOOLA Inside:</strong>
Regardless of being the best affordable table tennis table, JOOLA Inside owns some drawbacks as well. Many users have complained about not being able to get hold of their spares quickly. The frame of the table is also weak and does not intend to be consistent instability. Being inexpensive and cheap, it is undoubtedly not ideal for competitive or professional players.

3.   JOOLA Rally TL – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Rally TL - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table
  • Multi-functional table halves with DSI integrated security
  • Water-resistant clamp-style net with tension adjustments
  • 15 mm charcoal painted tabletop
  • Sturdy powder-coated steel legs with rubber levers
  • Lockable wheel casters
  • Approved by USATT
  • Corner ball holders and magnetic abacus scorers
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

This ping pong table is known to be one of the best table tennis tables by JOOLA. Despite being an entry-level ping pong table, JOOLA RALLY TL has no fewer things offer than an expensive one does. The grey charcoal material and silkscreened white stripping of the tabletop makes the table look aesthetically pleasing and provide the player with a fair bounce amount.

This prime quality table tennis table is supported with sturdy and durable powder-coated steel legs and rubber levers. The steel legs also feature height adjusters at their ends so that the table can be convenient to be played on by players of all heights. The 30mm x 30mm steel frame of the table adds to its durability and sturdiness as well.

Moreover, JOOLA Rally TL is inclusive of a water-resistant clamp-style net with adjustable tension.  This net can be conveniently attached or removed whenever you want. Simultaneously, the corner ball holders, lockable wheel casters, and magnetic abacus scorer make this ping pong table worth buying.

<strong>What We Liked About JOOLA Rally TL:</strong>
JOOLA Rally TL possesses almost every good quality to be called one of the best inexpensive table tennis tables. It is sturdy and has a powerfully built frame with quick assembly, makes it last for a long time. The double-table design helps save a lot of space and enables the player to practice with the playback position.  This recreational table tennis comes with four lockable caster wheels on each side of the table with an anti-tilting device making it safe and convenient to move around.

The top-notch MDF surface table provides the players with excellent bounce and stability during the game sessions. This high-quality ping pong table has a water-resistant net with tension knob and clamps that maximizes the whole table tennis table’s strength and gives the player a fine playing experience. The magnetic scoreboard and ball holders at the edge of the table are also unusual features added to elevate the game’s professional feel.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About JOOLA Rally TL:</strong>
This indoor ping pong table by JOOLA might look appealing and offer high-end features; some drawbacks are still there in need of consideration. The ball holders are supposed to provide convenience; instead, they are not concrete and can be annoying to the players as they don’t hold or keep the balls in one place.

The extra added feature of magnetic scoreboards happens to be a negative point as well. They feel flimsy and easily fall off after bumping to the table.

4.   Stiga Optimum 30

Stiga Optimum 30 review
  • 30 mm thick top with optimum bounce technology
  • 4-inch machine-grade caster wheels with locks
  • 2-2/5-inch steel apron
  • Extra thick heavy-duty self-opening steel legs with four levelers
  • Strong and massive independent chassis design
  • STIGA VM net and post set
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

Stiga Optimum 30 is a high-end table tennis table for professional players and is approved by ITTF itself.   It has a 30mm thick classic blue tabletop and is one of the ping pongs tables with the thickest tabletop. The table’s surface is coated with a special varnish to attain an optimum friction coefficient and an excellent glossy look. It also has optimum bounce technology that ensures maximum and consistent bounce across the surface.

Moreover, the 300 pounds heavy body of the professional ping pong table is supported with extra thick heavy-steel legs. These steel legs have a self-opening feature and come with four levelers to help the table stand from and even on different surfaces. Despite being a weighty table tennis table, Stiga Optimum 30 is made convenient and easy to move around with its 4-inch machine-grade caster wheels and locks.

The foldable body of the ping pong table is extremely portable. It comes with an automatic lock that enables the user to fold and lock one or both halves of the table for playback position or store it in a small place after playing. The tabletop of Stiga Optimum 30 is supported with a 2-2/5-inch steel apron that ensures an adequate amount of bounce over the table’s entire surface. Manufactured by one of the top manufacturers of table tennis goods, Stiga, this table tennis table is a great option for professional players looking for a sturdy and robust ping pong tables.

<strong>What We Liked About Stiga Optimum 30:</strong>
Stiga Optimum 30 can prove itself a great purchase for professional players with its prime-quality features. Its super thick tabletop provides top-notch bounce and consistency in every short with the optimum bounce technology. This indoor ping pong table is effortless to manage can be carried away easily with its 4-inch machine grade caster wheels.

Likewise, the foldable and portable design of the table tennis table also adds up to convenience. The user can fold one half of the table and turn it into a personal playback position and practice without assistance. This portable body can be stored in small spaces and helps the user save a fair amount of space. The durability and stability are guaranteed by the strong chassis construction, which also allows Stiga Optimum 30 to last for a good deal of time. 

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About Stiga Optimum 30:</strong>
Regardless of all the beneficial and advantageous things, there are still some points where work is needed. Stiga Optimum 30 is known for its incredibly thick surface, but this surface can be problematic at the time of assembly. It might also make the assembly of the table to take more than 2 hours.

Apart from this, Stiga Optimum 30 does not come with any built-in space for storing balls or paddles like other expensive ping pong tables.  It also has a warranty of only 12-month, which is very minimum, considering the table’s price. 

5.   JOOLA Tour Competition Grade – MDF Indoor Table

JOOLA Tour Competition Grade - MDF Indoor Table
  • 95% pre-assembled
  • Convenient clamp-on net design
  • 15 mm thick, durable medium-density fiberboard
  • Heavy-gauge steel legs with adjustable rubber feet
  • Automatic anti-tilting device
  • Four caster wheels per half with lock
  • 5-inch resin apron
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

As the name indicates, the JOOLA Tour is proclaimed to be one of the best professional-grade table tennis tables.  This ping pong table is a great option for professional players who are willing to polish their skills through personal practice sessions. It comes 95% pre-assembled, while the rest of the assembly, which includes legs and net only, is a breeze and can be done easily by any amateur players as well.

This affordable ping pong table by JOOLA features a USATT approved clamp-style net system, which means that the net can conveniently be attached or removed whenever you like. The two separate halves of the table can be folded up into playback positions for solo practice sessions and be put away at minimal storage. The 15 mm, thick medium-density fiberboard of JOOLA Tour Competition Grade is made with fine quality materials. It has multiple layers of paint to ensure the ideal amount of ball bounce.

Furthermore, the table tennis table’s lockable casters are equally important. They allow the player to adjust the table according to the surface a table is placed on and move the table around easily without feeling troublesome. The lockable wheels also add to the table’s stability and prevent it from wobbling during the game. The player can also adjust the table’s height with the height adjusters present at the end of durable steel legs, making the JOOLA Tour Competition user-friendly for players of various sizes.

<strong>What We Liked About JOOLA Tour Competition Grade:</strong>
JOOLA Tour is ideal table tennis for competitive players and is widely used for official table tennis tournaments. The MDF surface provides good bounce to the ball and is painted with prime quality paint, making the table look pleasingly winsome. This indoor table has a strong 50mm thick frame and a 50mm x 50mm, which provides stability and adds to its durability.

Furthermore, the security feature of auto-folding legs and lockable caster wheels provide optimal safety during the game. The thing that makes JOOLA Tour a convenient table tennis table is that it comes 95% pre-assembled, and the rest of the assembly merely takes 10 to 15 minutes. The eight bolts that are to be used in the assembly of the net and legs are included in the shipping box as well.

Above all, the JOOLA Tour Competition has a strong frame built with heavy-duty steel that keeps it durable and protects it from abrasion.  The several layers of polyurethane paint on the tabletop keep it free from scratches and scrapes, providing excellent smoothness and playability. From beginners to professionals, JOOLA TOUR is a great affordable indoor table for players of each level.  Practice on your own with the playback position, have some quality time with your office colleagues, or regulate a professional table tennis game, this high-quality table tennis table is your go-to option.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About JOOLA Tour Competition Grade:</strong>
Despite being one of the top ping pong tables, JOOLA Tour Competition Grade is devoid of some fringe benefits. The table’s net is hard to be placed firmly on the table and often comes defective at the time of shipping. Being 250 lbs, this ping pong table feels very heavy to be carried around while assembling.  JOOLA Tour does not come with the tools required for its assembly, which can cause the assembly process to be quite troubling.

Top 5 Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

  1.  JOOLA NOVA DX – Outdoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA NOVA DX - Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables
  • 6mm thick warp-resistant aluminum-plastic composite surface
  • 30mm x 30mm rust-resistant powder coated undercarriage
  • 4-wheel trolley system for each half
  • 72-inch weather-resistant net set with a screw design and adjustable tension
  • 3-inch heavy-duty caster wheels with locking device
  • Self-opening steel-gauge legs with height levelers
  • Automatic anti-tilt devices
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

JOOLA NOVA is one of the best outdoor table tennis and has managed to gather a fair number of positive reviews online. This outdoor ping pong table is constructed with prime-quality products and is designed with some extra features to be resistant to the harsh weather conditions. It is a great option for people who enjoy more while playing table tennis outdoor with their friends and family.

This weatherproof table tennis table has a 6mm thick aluminum plastic composite surface. The surface is constructed with fine-quality materials, making it resistant to moisture and heat and avoiding the table from getting warped out of shape.  The 6mm thickness of the tabletop also provides plenty of consistent bounce to the ball across the surface. The 30mm x 300mm undercarriage is rust-resistant and powder coated, maintaining the durability and keeping it stable throughout the game.

Moreover, JOOLA NOVA DX features a 72-inch weather-resistant net set with a screw design and adjustable tension. The weatherproof net can be set up within seconds with the help of screws that comes with the table. The player can also adjust the tension of the high-quality net as per its liking. The undercarriage of the table is supported with 2-inch self-opening steel-gauge legs. These welded steel legs also have height levelers that help the table stand firm on the uneven surfaces.

<strong>What We Liked About JOOLA NOVA DX:</strong>
JOOLA NOVA DX is a great value for your money as it features almost everything needed to be called the best outdoor table tennis table. It performs well in outdoors and stays unaffected by the severe weather.  It has a breeze assembly with every part almost pre-assembled; the only things that have to be attached are the legs. The surface of the table is smooth to perfection and is resistant to warping. The water-proof table is built with high-quality materials that help the table bear up against humidity and heat and consistently bounce to the ball.

The caster wheels of the table are rust-proof and lockable, which provide extra stability and convenient transportation. JOOLA NOVA DX has a foldable body with anti-tilt devices that ensures optimum safety, especially for the user with kids. The table’s foldable body also enables the user to use it in a playback position and even store it in small spaces. The entire body of this durable ping pong table is constructed of a plastic and aluminum composite and weatherproof material that keeps the table going for a long time, even under rough conditions.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like JOOLA NOVA DX:</strong>
JOOLA NOVA DX is one of the best table tennis tables for recreational players. Still, it certainly lacks some features that are needed in a ping pong table for professional players.  Firstly, the table’s net is not constructed with good quality plastic and can easily come loose in between a game.

Secondly, the table gives off an irritating “pinging” sound while playing on it, causing the player to lose its focus. Lastly, the JOOLA NOVA DX does not come with inclusive ping pong paddles or ping pong balls, which means you would have to splash out some more dollars on them as well.

2.   Stiga XTR Series Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Stiga XTR Series Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review
  • 10-minutes QuickPlay chassis design
  • 6mm thick aluminum composite tabletop
  • 5-inch steel tubular steel powder-coated apron
  • 25-inch self-opening square steel legs
  • Adjustable leg-levelers and welded cross braces
  • 3-inch lockable ball-bearing wheels
  • 72-inch all-weather net and post set
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

If you are looking for a budget-friendly ping pong table, then Stiga XTR can be a great option for you. It has earned many positive reviews and is one of the best outdoor table tennis tables under $500. It features a 6mm thick water-proof tabletop made with high-quality aluminum, enabling the table not to get warped easily and withstand harsh weather conditions, be it humidity, snow, heat, or rain.

A 1.5-inch steel tubular apron supports the surface of the table. The steel apron is powder-coated and galvanized to provide optimum stability and consistent bounce during the game. Moreover, this outdoor table tennis table features 1.25-inch self-opening square steel legs with adjustable levelers that help the table to stand firm on uneven and rough surfaces. The steel legs are also powder-coated to stop rusting and oxidation, which is usually a big complication for outdoor sports equipment.

To mention Stiga’s high-security standards, the XTR also has features that ensure optimum safety during the game. It has a safety latch system that locks the table in an upright position and accidentally prevents it from opening up. The 3-inch lockable caster wheels and welded cross braces on each side of the frame make sure that the table feels stable and steady during each game.

<strong>What We Liked About Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table:</strong>
Stiga XTR is a well-designed and portable outdoor table tennis table. It features a fold-up design and comes in two spate halves that help the player keep the table in compact spaces. The table’s foldable design also enables the player to use it in a playback position for solo practice sessions. The table stands firm and stable even on rough surfaces with leg-levelers’ aid attached to the table’s durable steel legs. The table’s self-opening legs save the player from the hurdle of assembling the legs before every game and keep the table from opening involuntarily.

Similarly, the 3-inch lockable caster wheels also provide a lot of convenience to the player. The three ball-bearing wheels around each half of the table allow the player to safely and smoothly transport the table to its desired place. Simultaneously, the locks in the wheels help the table stand firm at a place and not move accidentally during any game.

The best thing about Stiga XTR is its QuickPlay chassis design, which means that this table comes almost pre-assembled, and the rest of the assembly takes only a mere amount of time. The net is also super easy to put on and off with a threaded clamp attachment system. The 72-inch net is made of weather-resistant materials and can also be used in the playback position. This weatherproof table tennis table’s net comes with adjustable tensions and provides a controlled and exceptional playability.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table:</strong>
Regardless of being cheap outdoor table tennis with high-quality features, Stiga XTR has some downsides as well. This ping pong table by Stiga does not provide the best bounce. The table’s surface lacks any kind of protective layer, and the white lines drawn against the blue surface can easily be worn away.

Moreover, the table is a bit heavier than other ping pong tables available in the market. The Stiga XTR is an ideal table tennis table for family fun and casual games, but it still has some points to be marked to be a table tennis table fit for professional players.

3.   Cornilleau-500M Crossover Outdoor Table

Cornilleau-500M Crossover Outdoor Table review
  • 7mm resin laminate surface with glare reduction
  • 25-inch galvanized steel frame
  • Wheelchair-friendly design
  • Adjustable steel legs and wheel brakes
  • 8-inch massive double-wheels with notched tread
  • Paddles and balls storage and dispensers
  • Weatherproof net with adjustable tension and height
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

The Cornilleau-500M Crossover is another top-notch outdoor ping pong table. It is constructed with premium quality materials and has been approved by ITTF for professional and competitive games. It features a 7mm thick resin laminate surface and is known for being an outdoor ping pong table with the thickest tabletop. The playing surface is constructed with Mat-Top finish technology that helps minimize the sun’s glare and shine on the surface to enable the player to play conveniently even on bright days. The inner core of this table tennis table is built with high-quality wooden. At the same time, the outer layer is of aluminium, which keeps the table durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The weatherproof frame of Cornilleau-500 Crossover is 98% made from galvanized steel and 2% from a robust plastic that ensures optimum durability and allows the other parts to move easily. The frame is attached to adjustable legs with extra wide feet, which helps the table stand more firmly on uneven surfaces.  This top of the line ping pong table comes with oversized 8-inch double wheels with safety breaks and notched tread. The massive wheels are designed with a super convenient lock system that keeps the table from involuntarily moving during the game or stored in an upright position. This feature also helps the user to transport the table without worrying about large obstacles safely.

Additionally, this professional table tennis table includes a weatherproof net and post set system with adjustable height and tension. The net of Cornilleau-500 Crossover is constructed fine quality polyester that helps the net to withstand harsh weather conditions. The net height and tension are adjustable, making this outdoor ping pong table user-friendly and extremely convenient to use.

<strong>What We Liked About Cornilleau-500M Crossover Outdoor Table:</strong>
Cornillea-500M Crossover Outdoor Table comes with a handful of beneficial features for both recreational and professional table tennis players. It has a conveniently foldable and storage-friendly design. The table’s design also has wheelchair-friendly support that enables it to be used by players with wheelchairs as well. The whole structure of the table is supported with adds extra stability to the table on uneven surfaces. The laminated materials of the table also keep it from getting rusted and prolong its durability.

The outdoor table tennis table of exceptional quality has a super thick and weatherproof surface, which lessens the sunlight effect on the table and offers optimal bounce and playability. It features oversized 20mm double wheels with locks, which helps transport the table safely on every kind of surface and avoids it from moving accidentally in between games. The table’s net comes very handily as there is no need to take it off after you are done playing as the net can be twirled inside very easily.

Just like any other pricey ping pong table, Cornilleau-500 Crossover does not compromise on the safety of its user either. At each end of the table, the corner protectors protect players from accidental bashing or chipping during the game. It also has built-in dispensers where the users can conveniently store their ping pong paddles and ping pong balls. Cornilleau-500 comes with a ten-year warranty, which makes it a great value for your money.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About Cornilleau-500M Crossover Outdoor Table:</strong>
Cornilleau-500 Crossover is s great pick for professional players looking for table tennis of premium quality, but it is too expensive for casual players. The table’s massive body is also quite inconvenient to be moved around and takes a long time to be put together.

Furthermore, this outdoor table tennis table cannot be parted into two different halves that make it harder to be assembled and transported from one place to another.

4.   Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table
  • 4mm weather-resistant aluminium composite tabletop
  • Sturdy powder-coated heavy-duty steel legs with levelers
  • Foldable body with safety latch system
  • Four pairs of convenient caster wheels with locking utility
  • Net and metal posts with clamps
  • Rust-resistant and strong steel undercarriage
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

Harvil Outsider is a low-end outdoor table tennis table that offers a decent number of features. It features a 4mm aluminum composite tabletop. The surface is designed and constructed with high-quality materials to ensure that the table bear with different conditions well. The table’s surface is also outlined with vibrant white lines to help the players aim their shots easily. The table’s body can be folded up into half easily, enabling the user to play in a solo playback position and store it conveniently in compact storage.

Furthermore, this affordable outdoor ping pong table is supported by a durable steel frame. The steel frame has been powder-coated to eliminate the factor of the table getting warped or rusted. The undercarriage is attached to four heavy-duty steel legs, which help the table stay firm and stable. The table’s durable legs come with levelers that function to avoid the table from wobbling and stand stably on uneven surfaces.

Next to the legs are attached four pairs of lockable caster wheels. These ball-bearing wheels provide convenient transportation, and their locks refrain the table from moving accidentally between the games. Harvil Outsider also includes a weatherproof net and metal posts set. The net can be clamped on and off very easily, making it an overall handy table tennis table.

<strong>What We Liked About Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table:</strong>
Harvil Outsider is a fairly economical table tennis table and puts forward many beneficial features for recreational players. It has a foldable body and can easily be placed in compact storage spaces. This feature also enables the player to use the table in a playback position and practice independently without an opponent. The table is constructed with prime-quality materials which give it the tendency to withstand every kind of weather condition.

This budget-friendly outdoor table tennis table has powder-coated steel legs and undercarriage that saves the table from warping and rusting for a good amount of time. The caster wheels with locks attached o the steel legs offer convenient transportation and prevent the table from accidentally opening while playing or when stored. The assembly of Harvil Outsider is also breeze as it comes partially pre-assembled and saves a reasonable amount of time.

Moreover, the net and post set system of this outdoor table tennis table is also super convenient. It can be attached very quickly and comes off without any difficulty as well. The table manufacturer also provides a warranty for one whole year, which makes Harvil Outsider an excellent option for people on a budget and wants to have some fun time with their friends and family.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table:</strong>
Regardless of being an affordable table tennis table, Harvil Outsider is short of some features that professional players look in a table. There is a small gap between the two halves of the table, which can affect the table’s playability. The underside of the Harvil Outsider is not weather resistant and can split up easily if exposed to harsh weather conditions for a long time.

Besides, this outdoor ping pong table’s surface is not too thick and does not provide a consistent bounce. It does not include ping pong balls or ping pong paddles; the player will have to buy them separately.

5.   Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor Stationary Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor Stationary Ping PongTables Review
  • 7mm resin laminate tabletop with anti-glare finish
  • 25-inch durable arched steel legs with feet fixings
  • 2 ¼-inch structural galvanized steel frame
  • Tamper-proof steel net with curved corners
  • Paddle holders and ball dispensers
  • ITTF approved
  • Dimensions: 9 ft x 5 ft

The Cornilleau Pro 510 is a strong and durable outdoor ping pong table. It is constructed with materials of top-notch quality to withstand severe weather conditions. It has a 7mm thick resin laminate tabletop, which is completely weatherproof and provides an excellent bounce. The ITTF approved surface is sealed with an anti-glare finish, which helps minimize the effect of sunlight on the table on extremely sunny days.

The table’s durable arched legs are constructed with galvanized steel and anti-corrosion materials that keep them safe from scratch and rust. The legs also have feet fittings that can be bolted into the ground for making the table stand more firmly and stably.  The whole body of Cornilleau Pro 510 is supported with a 2 ¼-inch structural galvanized steel frame that adds to the table’s overall stability and durability.

Furthermore, the table’s net is made with fine-quality steel and is known to be the most durable net any table tennis table has. The net comes with a tension adjuster that allows the player to adjust the net as per its liking and game level. Cornilleau Pro 510 also features ball dispensers and table tennis rackets holders, making it a convenient and user-friendly ping pong table.

<strong>What We Liked About Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor Stationary Table Tennis Table:</strong>
Cornilleau Pro 510 is a durable and weatherproof table tennis table and can be a great choice to be placed at parks or community centers. The 7mm thick tabletop provides an amazing amount of bounce to the ball across the surface. The MATTOP finish of the surface keeps it from warping out under the influence if even the harshest weather. The galvanized arched steel legs keep the table wobble-free during the game and give it a solid structural foundation.

Most importantly, this table tennis table does not have a traditional net. The net of Cornilleau Pro 510 is made of hard steel, which does not make the ball fly off far after hitting the net. Instead, the ball is dropped softly on the table after it has hit on the net. The table also features corner protectors at each end of the tabletop. This safety feature saves the users from getting injured by the sharp edges of the table accidentally and also restricts the table from getting warp out.

Other than that, this weatherproof table tennis table features paddle holders on each of its sides for storing ping pong rackets conveniently. The ball dispensers are also ergonomically placed so that the players can take out and put back in the ping pong balls easily.

<strong>What We Didn’t Like About Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor Stationary Table Tennis Table:</strong>
Cornilleau Pro 51 is one f the best stationary ping pong table and can withstand both harsh weather conditions and consistent game sessions. But it still has some drawbacks that do not make it a great ping pong table for professional-level games. The steel net is not comfortable to play with does not provide as much bounce as a standard nylon or mesh net usually provides.

Moreover, it does not contain any caster wheels, making this table tennis table less portable and hard to be moved around. The assembly of Cornilleau Pro 510 also not breeze with its heavyweight and can take a great deal of time.

Things to Take into Account before Settling Upon Any Ping Pong Table:

Ahead of picking up the best ping pong table for yourself, make certain that the equipment you would opt for possesses the following features. In this way, you would save yourself from the hassle of bringing home the wrong table that would not content your needs well. Some of the essential things to take into account before buying a ping pong table are:

Outdoor Tables vs. Indoor Tables:

Before buying a  best Ping Pong tables, it is essential to analyze your needs and requirements thoroughly. The outdoor table tennis tables and indoor table tennis tables as constructed in different manners and with specific features; hence it is vital to know what sort of table you actually need. For instance, indoor tables are designed with foldable and compact bodies to store in small spaces available inside the house easily. In comparison, most outdoor tables do not come with foldable bodies or caster wheels and are designed to be placed at a fixed spot.

Similarly, the outdoor tables are constructed while keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions they would be exposed to outdoors. The weather-resistant materials impact the bounce of the table and often fail to provide the ideal playing conditions. However, indoor tables, not being weatherproof, tend to offer exceptional bounce to the ball. There is also a variation in the prices of outdoor and indoor tables.

Playing Space:

It is pivotal to know whether your playing space or room will be able to accommodate a full-size ping pong table. A regular table tennis table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and two and a half feet high. The space you will be playing, be it your gaming room, garage, or backyard, should be capacious enough to lodge your table tennis table easily.

Level of Expertise:

The level of Expertise is also an essential thing to consider while picking up a table tennis table. A wide range of ping pong tables for players of different levels is available in the market. Ranging from amateur to professional, you can find every kind of ping pong table with different prices. If you are recreational players, then mid-range ping pong tables would be a great choice for you because the added features of a table tennis table of a professional level will be of no use.

Similarly, suppose you are a competitive or professional tennis player. In that case, you need to choose a high-end table tennis table so that it would provide you with every innovative feature and help you in polishing your skills.

Storage Space:

Not every outdoor table tennis table is efficient for being exposed to harsh weather conditions 24/7. Therefore, it is essential to make room for the storage of the table before bringing it home. Users with kids in their houses can also not leave their indoor table tennis table open after playing. They should look for a table with compact bodies and caster wheels, easily rolled away and stored after the game sessions end.


Table tennis tables can be both super cheap and super expensive. Hence, the user must look well into the options and choose the one with satisfactory and reliable quality. Sometimes high-end ping pong tables turn out to be utter disappointments, and low-end tables can prove to be of great value. It is better to go for good quality along with sufficient features.

To Wind It Up:

We came off with this list to help the users get acquainted with beneficial table tennis tables of great value.  All of these ping pong tables are built with prime-quality materials while keeping players’ needs and have got a lot to put forward for. With compact designs, sturdily built, and variable features, all of the above mentioned indoor and outdoor ping pong tables provide exceptional playability and are the best value for your hard-earned money.

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